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Paul Williams picture galleries of Ancient Assyrian art, artefacts and antiquities. The Assyrians were one of the 4 great Empires that dominated the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean in the ancient Period. The Assyrians were known for their ruthlessness and brutality. They dominated through the threat of devastation if their commands was not followed. Vassal states that rebelled were destroyed and any that survived were deported from their city.
We know this because the Assyrians left huge relief panels in the ruins of their palaces that not only depict their exploits but are also covered in cuneiform writings that tell us what they did. Assyrian art is meticulous and highly detailed. Originally the artworks would have been painted but today were are left with wonderful stone sculpture and relief panels that show the high level of sophistication Assyrian artists had reached. Assyrian art is though about propaganda depicting Assyrian kings as victors in battle, as great hunters in lion hunts or conversing with the Gods. Paul E Williams Assyrian picture galleries contain relief sculptures from the great Assyrian palaces of Nineveh, Nimrud and Dur Sharrakin. Paul Williams collection also has photos from the major Assyrian museum exhibits of The Louvre, The British Museum and The Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Download pictures of Assyrian art as stock photos or buy on line as photo wall art.

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