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Museopics - Photos and pictures of Ancient and Classical Greek art, statue, and Greek architecture. One of the earliest Ancient Greek civilisation were the Mycenaeans, whose two great cities of Mycenae and Tiryns feature in Homers writings. The so called Minoans were closely related to the Mycenaeans but both were swept away in the 12th century BC by the collapse of the civilisations in the Aegean and Middle East possible due to invasion. As new civilisations emerged in the area, what we know as ancient Greece was born. Greece as a single political entirety as we know it today never existed in Ancient times. The Greek world was made up of separate Greek states operating independently yet still recognising that they had a common identity in being Greek. Styles of architecture and art were adhered to by the separate states yet they fought each other as if they were fighting foreigners. The Greek Olympic Games was devised as a way to try and defuse rivalry between the Greek city states but rarely did the Greeks come together to fight as one unit. Much of conventions and styles of our modern art, literature , theatre and architecture evolved in the Classical Greek period spanning the 9th – 6th century BC. The creative explosion of the Classical Greeks created the foundations that were eagerly adopted by the Romans, the Renaissance and by Palladio and the Neo-Classical movement of the 118th and 19th century. The evolution of Greek art and architecture created a bed rock from which all modern art has evolved.


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