Ancient & Historic Art Photo Wall Art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 8 galleries }

Photo Wall Art Print Galleries of Ancient and Historic art and antiquities in both colour and black and white by photographer Paul E Williams. "This collection of photo prints is dedicated to the antiquities and art found in the museums of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 10 years ago I realised how few high quality photos there are available for print of the truly wonderful art that has somehow survived down the ages. There is something truly miraculous that connects us directly with our ancestors in these works of art. From clay dolls thousands of years old to the great sculptures of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome and on through history to the middle ages we have been left an incredible treasure trove of wonderful objects and art. It only seems right that these gifts from the past should be available for us to hang on our walls so we can obtain daily inspiration from them. It was in this spirt that I started photographing the great museum antiquities you will find on this site and in these print galleries. There are over 20,000 pictures to browse from which I have made special print editions that will be added to this collection as an on going project. I hope you enjoy these truly inspirational works of art and antiquities." Paul Williams.

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