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Images, pictures and photos of Cymru, Wales. Wales is a country in the the British Isles. bordered by England to its west and the Irish Sea to its east. In the north of Wales are great mountains of Snowdonia and in the south of Wales were the great coalfields that fuelled the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Hunter gathered first came to Wales as the great glaciers of the Ice age receded. Form about 6000 BC Neolithic farmers arrived and by the Bronze age Wales was part of the iron age Celtic Maritime trading route.

In 48AD the Romans started to conquer Wales and 30 years later their task was complete. The Romans exploited the rich mineral deposits in Wales and mined copper, gold and lead. In their 300 years of occupation the Romans did not manage to Romanise all of Wales, so when they left much of the old Celtic system remained. As in rest of Medieval Europe, Wales was a violent place where petty lords raided their neighbours for booty. In 1066 William the Conqueror subjugated England and found that the borders with Wales were ruled by independent Marcher Lords who were subjects of neither the Welsh or English Kings. It suited the Kings of England to allow these Lords to create a buffer zone against incursion from the Welsh tribes. The March of Wales existed for 450 years and was not abolished until the act of Union in 1536.

The Prince of Wales pledged their fealty to the Kings of England but in 1277 disputes between the Prince of Wales and Edward the 1st led to the invasion of Wales. This culminated in 1282 when Edward took control of Wales and made his son Prince of Wales, a situation that remains today. Edward fortified Wales with huge Castles that still dominate parts of Wales. These great castles were at the cutting edge of military engineering at the time and this has been recognised today by them being listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Wales is a magical country with many Neolithic sites set against spectacular scenery. Buy as high resolution stock royalty free images of travel images to download on line or buy as photo art prints.

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