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Photos images pictures of Medieval Gothic Cathedrals, buildings and Medieval Gothic Art, Gothic pictures and Medieval Gothic statues. Originating in France in the 12th Century and lasting until the 16th century, the Medieval Gothic style swept across northern Europe and into northern Italy and Spain radically changing the style and scale of monumental, civic and religious buildings. This was the period when the great Medieval Gothic Cathedrals of Chartres, Notre Dame and St Denis swept away the Romanesque style that preceded it. Originally the Medieval Gothic Style was known as Opus Francigenum ,”French work”, and was characterised by pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. The term Gothic was first used by Italian painter, architect and writer Giorgio Vasari in his book “Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects”, first published in 1550, as insult against what he saw as a “barbarous German style”. The Italians could not though resist the infectious Medieval Gothic Style with its intricate artistic decorations and sculptures and the Gothic evolved in Italy into Italian Medieval Gothic as can be seen in Pisa, Florence and Milan. One of the great innovation of Gothic architects was the use of a “flying Buttress” and the pointed arch. Romanesque buildings used the weaker rounded arches the Romans used and to get any height in the buildings they needed to use vast pillars and massive external walls with small windows. Medieval Gothic architects worked out that if the external walls had external buttresses which took to forces of the wall, they could not only build higher walls but also lighter walls that could have very large windows which used stron pointed arches. The result of these innovations created vast spaces flooded with light the like of which had never been seen before. This then led to the art of the stained glass window which not only allowed more opportunities to illustrate the Christian message to the illiterate masses, but also made the interiors of the great Medieval Cathedrals even more magical bathing them in multicoloured light. The great Gothic cathedrals of Northern Europe and still imposing awe inspiring buildings today so it is difficult to imagine the impact of such structures on peasants who lived in small thatched wooded houses. The height of the Cathedrals meant that they were and still are visible from miles away as great houses of God stamping the might of the Catholic church on the area. Download photos of Medieval Gothic art and Medievela Gothic architecture on line or buy as photo art prints

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