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Photos of pictures and images of Medieval Art of the Middle ages from 500AD to 1500AD and medieval historic places and architecture. The so called Middle adds is one of the most fascinating periods of western history that saw the recreation of civilisation after the collapse of the western Roman Empire. The Early Middle Ages started in darkness from the point of view of the written and artistic archaeological record. Writings and artworks are so sparse from the Early Middle Ages that it has been named the Dark ages. As the emerging Europe pieced itself together culture started to emerge. Initially architecture and art followed what was known of ancient roman designs, this being known as the Romanesque. The High Middle Ages was a period of great creativity and endeavour which led to the Great Gothic churches of northern Europe. The Late middle ages paved the way for the emergence of the Renaissance and the Modern Era. The Middle ages in Europe was dominated by the Christianity of the Roman Catholic church. The Popes of Rome became the most powerful political rulers in Europe. They could crown kings and Emperors and bring them to their knees if they wanted. The explosion of Islam from the East in the 600’s challenged Christian supremacy in western Europe and at one point it looked like Islam might win. In a very short time Christianity was pushed back into northern Europe and even southern Italy fell to Islam. The Islamic presence in Medieval Europe benefited the rise of high culture of the Middle ages. Medieval European Christians had had their links with the past broken and had lost the knowledge of their Greek and Roman ancestors. Islam had kept the works of the great Greek philosophers, mathematicians and scientists alive. By a process of osmosis this knowledge was passed to the craftsmen and artists of the Middle ages. They used the ancient knowledge to create intricate designs for artworks and fashion finer sculptures and eventually to create the soaring Go thic cathedrals that are still awe inspiring. The High and Late Middle Ages were the periods when Europe was thew foundations of the culture that we call European were laid. It is to the nameless arts and stone masons who have enriched our world that the photos in this gallery are dedicated Pictures and images of the art of the middle ages from the great Museums of Europe and the Middle East can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos.


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