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Pictures photos images of the best medieval historic and archaeological sites in Europe & the Near East. The medieval Middle Ages saw an incredible change in art and architecture innovations. The era started with the Romanesque style. In medieval Romanesque art the style was dominated by the Byzantine style from Constantinople. This meant that figures were 2 dimensional against gold background following the strict icon rules of the Eastern Orthodox church that forbade, as it does today, 3D images and depictions. Although limited in style there are some great highlights of the medieval Romanesque style surviving today especially in Sicily. One of the Byzantine Romanesque artistic jewels can be seen in the Palatine Chapel in the Norman Palace of Palermo. This intimate space build for the Norman Sicilian Medieval Kings is a high point in Medieval civilisation. The mosaics of the Palatine Palace merge Medieval Byzantine with Medieval Arabesque with spectacular results. In Wales great medieval castles were built to subjugate the Welsh. These fairy tale castles are considered to be so important that they are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Medieval Gothic architectural innovations allowed for taller cathedrals to be built with bigger windows than its Romanesque predecessors. This medieval style was known at the time as the French style as it was pioneered during the building of Saint Denis Paris, from where the style led to the building of increasingly bigger Gothic medieval Cathedrals across Northern France and into Germany and the British Isles. These new Gothic medieval buildings were decorated with a new Roman Catholic art that used three dimensional statues forbidden by the Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Church. When originally built these medieval Cathedrals and the multitude of statues that adorned their facades would have been painted as can be seen by a laser show that projects the original colouring onto the facade of Amiens Cathedral. Because the Medieval world was overshadowed by the Renaissance and the enlightenment which saw the era as a dark age and named its styles “Gothic” meaning barbaric, it is easy to overlook the innovations and creativity of Medieval artists and builders. It is an incredible testament to Medieval masons that their huge cathedrals still stand and are still awe inspiring 1000 years after they were built. Download Pictures & images of the best medieval historic and archaeological sites in Europe & the Near East or buy on line as photo art prints.

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