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The Romanesque is a period of medieval European history from about the 6th century to the 12th century when it evolved into the Gothic. Romanesque is typified by rounded arches and incorporates architectural elements from the Roman Basilica as well as Eastern Roman, or Byzantine Architecture. In what was often referred to as the “Dark Ages”, the examples of Romanesque architecture and art that are left in Europe proves that this period was far from dark. Romanesque art, which is often highly influence by Byzantine Roman conventions, is vibrant and full of colour. Romanesque churches were filled with religious frescoes and their altars had brightly decorated panels. Just as in the Byzantine Roman Basilicas, the Romanesque churches were designed awe amongst their congregations. The Romanesque used powerful iconography to get the churches message across to its largely illiterate congregation who were further hampered by the fact that church services were then held in Latin, a foreign language for the average peasant of the time. The historical events of the last thousand years has seen the destruction of much of the Romaesque, but what is left are some the great works of art and architecture in Europe. These photo collections explore the Romanesque from Pisa to the Catalan churches of Boi. Photos can be downloaded on line or bought as photo art prints.


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