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Pictures of the artefacts of the National Roman Museum ( Museo Nacional de Arte Romano) Merida, Spain. Merida was an important Roman city built on the western edge of the Roman Empire founded in 25 BC, with the name of Emerita Augusta for discharged soldiers of the army of Augustus who founded the city. Merida prospered and built a fine theatre and amphitheatre. many Roman structures can be seen in the modern town of Merida including a bridge, aqueduct and temple. The National Roman Museum houses a fine collection of the Roman artefacts excavated at Merida. The antiquities include Roman mosaic panels, sculptural architectural details and statues. Our pictures of the National Roman Museum Merida exhibits are exclusive to Funkystock Photo Library and can be dowloaded as stock photos or bought as prints on line (Property Rights The Trustees of the National Roman Museum Merida)

MUSEUM INFO :;jsessionid=23653B13A4354142415C5A4E01CB4517
Address: Calle de José Ramón Mélida, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain
Phone:+34 924 31 16 90

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