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Pictures, photos & images of Tunisia, North Africa. Tunisia is a country famous for its friendly inhabitants as well as its diversity of landscape. Along the Northern coast of Tunisia are the end of the Atlas mountains whose gentle slopes are covered with lush sub tropical forests producing cork. As you travel south the mountains quickly give way to the great plains of Tunisia which roll south becoming more arid until they become the Sahara desert. The best recorded tribe of the Magreb are the Berbers but it was the Phoenicians that put the Magreb on the map when they built their great city of Carthage in what is northern Tunisia today. The Carthaginians grew wealthy trading the produce of the rich farm lands of Tunisia. Their ambitions though became their downfall when they colonised Sicily, and came into conflict with the Romans who were colonising the island from the north. This led to the great Punic wars between Carthage and Rome which eventually culminated in the fall of Carthage in 149 BC and the colonisation of Tunisia by the Romans.

When the Western Roman Empire started to collapse in the fifth century and the Roman stronghold failed, Vandals took Tunisia for a short time but their ruled declined quickly returning much of Tunisia to local Berber rule. The Vandals were finally removed by Emperor Justinian In AD 533 and the Romans staved of the first devastating raids by Arab Muslims that swept out of the desert conquering large part of the Eastern Roman Emire. The Maghreb fell to the Muslims in 698 and the native Berbers soon converted to Islam and became the dominant tribe of the region developing a sophisticated civilisation and culture. The new muslim rulers did not occupy the old Roman towns preferring to build their new towns nearby. This has left present day Tunisia with a wealth of Roman remains, so many in fact that only a small proportion have been excavated to date. The dry conditions of Tunisia also preserved the mosaic floors of the great Roman Villas and buildings in Tunisia. The volume of mosaic finds in Tunisia and both the quality and incredible preservation means that Tunisia has the greatest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The Bardo museum in Tunis has been purpose built to display hundreds of exquisite mosaics.

The Berbers have also left their mark on Tunisia. The Berbers grew wealthy by trading high value goods across the Sahara desert. Great camel trains would bring goods north from the African heart land. To guanatee a safe food supply the Berbers but Ksour ( singular Ksar) which were fortified granaries. These Ksour consist of ghorfas which are vaulted rooms used by the Berber people for storing grain. Each ghorfa is a self contained unit and they were built on top of each other in continuous circles or squares with doors only opening on the inside to create the 3 or 4 story high walls. Download as royalty free stock photos or buy as wall art prints

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