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Pictures images photos of Turkey historic and landmark sites and antiquities from the great museums of Turkey. Turkey has been a at the centre of western and middle Eastern history for over 3000 years. Anatolian Turkey has been fought over by every major civilisation since the Assyrians. Major centres of civilisation from the Hittites, Greeks, Byzantine Romans and Ottoman Empires, and religions of the Greek Gods, Zoroastrian, Jews, Christians & Muslims give Turkey one of the most culturally important histories in the world. This image collections covers historic Turkey from the ancient civilisations of Anatolia, with museum photos of the art of the Hittites, to picture collections of the great Islamic art and buildings of the Ottoman Empire. One image collection of particular importance focuses on the mosaics that remain from the Byzantine Roman Empire which ruled from Constantinople. This photo collection of Turkey also cover the important Roman archaeological sites of Anatolia with images of the great Library of Celsus at Ephesus and pictures of the important Roman cities like Pergamon.

The Hittite museum antiquities in this photo collection brings together Hittite artefacts from all the great museums of Turkey and Anatolia for the first time to create the biggest online collection of Hittite art. This is complimented by photos of Hittite archaeological sites. Turkey also has an incredible number of archaeological sites form other civilisations. Troy can be visited in north west Turkey, and wonderful Roman and greek sites like Ephasus and Pergamon and on a very long list of landmark historic sites.

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