Polaroid Lifts Photo Collections by photographer Paul E Williams { 37 galleries }

Polaroid lift photo collections made by photographer Paul E Williams.

"From the first time I made a Polaroid Lift I became fascinated by both the process and the outcome. I had to modify rubber spatula's and find rubber rollers and all in all it was a big adventure into the unknown. When you lifted off the emulsion from a 10x8 polaroid you end up with a glutinous loose mess of gelatine that has to be carefully unfolded and lifted onto art paper. If this is kept wet on the paper it is possible to move the gelatine into any shape you like. The emulsion is them rolled down to squeeze out the water from behind the gelatine and attach it to the art paper. This is both painstaking, precarious and expensive. It also required a 10x8 bellows camera and 10x8 polaroid back and processor. It is not surprising then that not that many people made Polaroid lifts and I don't really want to think how much each photo cost to make. In fact I have never costed any photo I have made as that crazily counter productive. I first saw something about Polaroid lifts in the Polaroid trade magazine, I was therefore surprised when Polaroid saw my prints that they asked me to write an article on how to make Polaroid Lifts and I did so. I don't like using technique blindly and I have come up with many new technique through my career and each evolved for very specific reasons. It was always annoying to see my technique copied and mis used by other photographers eager to jump on any band wagon and in the process devalue and ultimately destroy technique that I spent so much time creating. I chose my subject matter for Polaroid Lifts carefully then. I had become interested in pressed flowers and the way they folded into 2 dimensional shapes when pressed and dried. This seemed to be a perfect subject for Polaroid lifts as the folding of the emulsion complimented the folds in the press flowers. This is how the Flowerpress series came about which I duly published in 1991 or so. I used the technique for a Quaker Oats advertising campaign and for a Gordons Gin project. I also made probably the only animations using polaroid lifts one of which is called Icarus Rising and I will try to publish in my stories section. The Lifts in this series and other lifts earned me the a coveted Polaroid European Final Art Award in '93. I hope you enjoy them." Paul E Williams.

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