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Index to the biggest web collection of pictures & images of Roman mosaic from all regions of the ancient Roman Empire. At its height the Roman Empire controlled the whole of the Mediterranean stretching north as far as northern Britain. Roman cities and villas followed the same layouts in all parts of the Empire. Every town had a public baths where Romans whiled away the day. The floors of the baths were covered in mosaics. Every great villa of the Roman Empire had decorative mosaics covering its floors and, even though the quality of craftsmanship of the mosaics varied enormously between regions, the content of the mosaics was similar in all parts of the Roman Empire. Up until the 4th century Romans were pagans and loved the stories of the Greeks Gods and their exploits. It is to be expected therefore that mythical stories were a popular theme for Roman mosaics. The Romans loved visual twists and geometric shapes and these are used in most Roman mosaics as borders of panels that contain the main narrative of the mosaic. The intricacy of the geometric shapes in Roman mosaics is incredible. From Gordian knots that are so cleverly tied that they are impossible to untie, to 2 dimensional boxes that look like they are 3 dimensional. Coloured ropes made out of mosaic edge mosaics that fill the whole floor space of Roman Villas. By the 3rd century AD the best makers of mosaics worked in the province of Africans, centred on present day Tunisia. The North Africa Proconsularis was a major wheat, olive oil and wine producer as it is today. The Romans who lived there grew wealthy and could afford mosaics for their villa floors that were of such great intricacy and richness that we still marvel last the skill of the mosaic makers today. Their reputation meant that they were in demand by wealthy patron across the Roman Empire. Great villas like that of the Villa Romana de Casale in present day Sicily bear all the hall marks of north African mosaic makers. The Roman mosaics from Lods, present day Israel, and the great Palace in Constantinople, present day Istanbul, also bear the hallmarks of the North African Roman mosaic style. The Romans took mosaic making to a high art and made sumptuous artworks from tiny glazed or glass tessellation's that often survived when the buildings that housed them did not. Roman mosaics offer a glimpse of how Romans thought, how they played and of the things that they found important.
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