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The biggest on line picture , image, photo collections of Hittite art, artefacts and antiquities, from the best museums in Europe and Turkey as well as pictures & images of the best Hittite archaeological sites in Anatolia. This important archive of Hittite art & artefacts pictures & images has taken over 7 years so far to create. For the first time this unique and comprehensive collection of Hittite artworks brings major Hittite art into one place for academic, students and enthusiasts to browse or download. The Hittites have left us with some of the most endearing art of the ancient world. The Hittites were incredibly superstitious peoples and made virtually created a God for nearly ever object and place in their lives. As they conquered people they adopted their Gods so the Hittite pantheon is vast. The Hittites depicted their Gods in their art and sculpted relief panels. These relief sculpture panels lined the walls of the Hittite palaces. Monumental Hittite art relief panels show the complexity of Hittite beliefs. They depict half man half beast Gods as well as extremely creative depictions of all sorts of deities. The child like naivety of the Hittite style makes us warm to them as a people but in reality the Hittites ran a brutal war machine that swept out of Anatolia to become one of the great Empires of the ancient Near East. The MuseoPics Hittite art picture galleries are the most complete and best collection of Hittite art on the internet. The MuseoPics Hittite art pictures show the Hittite collections from the Museum of the Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara, The Hittite collection of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, The hittite collections from the Louvre Paris and The births Museum, London. The MuseoPics Hittite collection also has location pictures of the Hittite Archaeological Sites in Anatolia, present day Turkey. Download pictures & images from the webs No 1 collection of Hittite art, artefacts and historic places or buy as photo art prints.



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