AT THE CIRCUS - Abstract Solaroid Photos by Photographer Paul E Williams { 12 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

AT THE CIRCUS - A Solaroid and abstract black and white series of photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Taken in 1989.

" This series was inspired from the remarkable French Circus Archaos ( which in the late 1980 and early 1990s who revolutionised the notion of what a cirus was. Critics described its success in terms of a break with tradition, “the anti-circus circus,” enthused The Irish Times, “it rewrites the rules as it pays tribute to circus tradition,” admired The Age, “a devil’s carnival,” warned The Daily Mail, “a real people’s theatre,” decided the Guardian. I was experimenting with an ultra fast Polaroid film that I accidentally found I could solarise (the explanation of the technique is too long to describe here but I will do a story on it). I had always been a Man Ray fan and his work had influenced me heavily in my early days. The solarised Polaroid I have called Solaroids because they take on a life of their own organically changing as they dry producing a crystal coating that eventually obscures any image all together. I had to copy them onto 5x4 film as they dried to capture the precise moment when they looked as I wanted them too. I was working with rusty metal objects a lot with this technique and became fascinated by the shadows they formed as much as in the objects themselves. In At The Circus the shadows create the circus character that I wanted to portray. The use of rusty metal and the complete absence of traditional circus references was inspired by Circus Archaos who created an anarchic world. Like many techniques using Polaroids this one is no longer possible to make. Enjoy". Paul E Williams.

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