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Pictures images phots of the Babylon antiquities of the Vorderasiatisches Pergamon Museum Berlin. Photos against a warm art background. This picture gallery shows the most important collection of artworks from ancient Babylon which includes a reconstruction of the glazed brick Ishtar Gate. It was excavated by German archaeologist Robert Koldewey between 1899 and 1917. The Pergamon collection exhibits include coloured glazed brick panels depicting Lions striding from the facade of the Throne Room dating from 604-562 BC. Babylon (present day Iraq). The throne room is situated in the third courtyard of the complex of the royal palace. Its 56 meters wide facade was decorated with coloured glazed bricks. A tentative reconstruction shows the composition of the upper part of the facade, including the stylised palms and geometric patterned registers. Two original sections are displayed on the left next to the Ishtar Gate. The lower part f the facade with representations of the striding lions was predominantly reconstructed from the original baked brick fragments. The frieze of lions was presumably arranged symmetrically so the animals faced towards the central main entrance to the Throne room. Coloured glazed brick panels of the facade of the first smaller Ishtar Gate, Babylon, dating from 604-562 BC. Babylon (present day Iraq). The Ishtar Gate, Babylon, was situated in the northern wall of the city and was named after the goddess Ishtar. The gate was decorated with reprentations of bulls, the symbol of the weather god Adad, and dragons (Babylonian Mushhushu), the symbol of the city God Marduk. The mythical composite animal has the head and the body of a snake, the front legs of a lion, the hind legs of a bird and a scorpion sting in the tail. Pictures and images of Babylon exhibits from the Pergamon can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos.

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