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Pictures images & photos of ancient Babylon sculpture exhibits from the Louvre Museum Paris. Photos against a warm art background. This picture gallery of Babylon sculptures includes a tiled brick pane of a lion from the Ishtar Gate in Babylon. This glazed terracotta brick panel depicting striding lions from Babylon dates from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II 604-562 BC. The panel belonged to the tiled decorated walls either side of the Processional Way in Babylon. Photos from the Louvre Babylonian exhibits also show stone steles that were used by the Babylonians to tell of either great events or of important events such as a stone stele depicting Kassite or 3rd Dynasty of Babylon King Meli-Shipak II commemorating a donation of land to his daughter-Hannubat Nannaya. Circa 1186-1172 BC excavated from Susa where it had been taken as a spoil of war.Pictures and images of the Babylon sculpture exhibits of the Louvre can be bought on line as high resolution royalty free stock photos to download on line or buy as photo art prints. Non editorial right must be obtained from the Louvre Paris.

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