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Pictures, images, photos of Ancient Egyptian sculptures and artefacts from the Neues Museum, Berlin. The ancient Egyptian left behind great iconic monumental architecture like the Pyramids, so it is easy to see why the explorers of the Enlightenment became fascinated by this lost civilisation. Once the first ancient Egyptian artefacts were discovered they started to reveal a civilisation that captivated the early 19th century imagination. This caused a frenzy of excavations that kept on revealing greater and greater treasures to fill the new Enlightenment historical museums. The collection of Egyptian artefacts in the Neues museum is the result of the effort Germany put into revealing the ancient Egyptians. The result is one of Europe's most important ancient Egyptian collections. Ancient Egyptian exhibits were excavated from great sites including Thebes and Memphis and cover all the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties up to and including the Ptolomies, the final Egyptian rulers. The Neues Museum Egyptian collection includes monumental statues of gods and Pharaohs as well as hieroglyphic fragments from Egyptian tombs. Download pictures of Egyptian artefacts from the Neues Museum Berlin as stock photos or buy as photo art prints.

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