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Pictures images and photos of Ancient Egyptian mummies, sarcophagus, painted coffin life and mummy portraits. Ancient Egyptian burial rites and funereal practices have become legendary for the mummies excavated from tombs full of treasures and beautifully decorated tombs. The decorated mummy coffins are iconic symbols of Ancient Egypt along with the Pyramids and sphinx statues. The complexity of Ancient Egyptian burial practises id astonishing with a single aim of equipping the deceased with everything it would need to travel to the next world, including a body. The most complex funereal rites included wrapping mummified bodies in painted shrouds, placing mummies in painted coffins, enclosing coffins in a stone sarcophagus and placing the mummy and its grave goods in inaccessible underground chambers. Mummy coffins and sarcophagi were illustrated with hieroglyphic texts to the gods, some of which were spells to aid the deceased passage to the Afterlife. This led to the highly decorative ancient Egyptian funerary art that we are familiar with today.

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