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Ancient Egyptian statues & sculptures pictures images and photos. The concept of art and personal expression by artists in their work was a wholly alien concept. For 3000 years Egyptian sculpture slowly developed from a simplistic archaic style to a simplistic rigid style that lacked facial expression and personified animals, people and gods in a rigid formalised manner. Ancient Egyptian statues were 3 dimensional but lacked realistic movement beyond the person or god depicted putting one leg forward. In wooden models of boats of of people cooking, making bricks or baking bread the people are sculpted frozen in space with little sense of real people undertaking real actions. Sculptors had considerable skill as can be seen in huge shine statues and life-size sculptures of the gods but the depictions are governed by strict rules and do not deviate from them. There are some unique sculpture statue designs such as the cube statue which looks like s man crouching down behind a stele into which is sculpted hieroglyphic inscriptions or depictions of a god. Depictions of man and wife seated on a cubic double seat were also popular amongst ancient Egyptian tomb finds. A husband sits next to his wife, both rigid with hands on laps or sometime the wife has a hand around the husbands shoulder. They sit as rigid as those depicted in early photographs who were forced to sit at attention for long exposures. It is impossible to gain any idea from Egyptian sculptures ads to the character of the depicted. They never like happy or sad or have any character showing in their faces at all. The lack of expression has nothing to do with lack of skill on the sculptors part and is maybe purely due to a conservative society that would not allow deviation from earlier archaic simplistic depictions. Photo of Ancient Egyptians statues. sculptures.statuettes and figurines from all of its 30 dynasties, ownload as royalty free photos or buy online as photo wall art prints.

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