Ancient Roman & Greek Sculpture Black & White Wall Art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 38 images } Created 31 Aug 2021

Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture & statues black and white photo wall art prints from the great museums of Europe and the Near East. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Today one of the main we are able to see the the high levels the Ancient Greeks achieved in art and artistic craftsmanship is the sculpture that has survived the ravages of time. Great ancient Greek sculptors like Praxiteles, Lysistratus, Phidias and many more created sculptures of such beauty that they are still copied today, 2500 years later. Most of the original ancient Greek bronze statues were melted down for their metal but luckily the Romans were so inspired by Greek sculpture that they kept the Greek masters work alive in the form of the marble statues that adorn our great archaeological museums today. Thanks to ship wreck there are some notable ancient Greek bronze statues that have survived such as the Riace Bronzes and the bronze of Poseidon both of which feature in this black and white wall art collection. The Romans took the skill of ancient Greek sculptors and developed their own styles and it is these versions of Greco Roman sculpture that we are familiar with today. This black and white wall art print collection by photographer Paul E Williams has been created to show beauty of Greco Roman art, and to create prints that with both inspire and bring beauty to any home. These powerful sculptures are brought to life in these black and white photo art prints which brings out the detailed work of the sculpture. These wonderful prints take us back 2500 years to a time when classical art was the high point of civilisation.

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