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Pictures Photos & images of the goddess Venus or Aphrodite statues, mosaic and fresco . Aphrodite, or Venus to the Romans, was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation . Greek sculptures tussled with how to portray Aphrodite and around 360 BC Praxiteles created a statue known as the Aphrodite of Thespiae. Aphrodite is depicted standing draped from the waist down. The upper half of her body is naked and her right hand is stretched out holding a Golden apple which she won in the Judgement of Paris which started the Trojan wars. Aphrodite looks down slightly to one side as if modestly accepting the Golden apple but the pose has a seductive power. The most famous Venus statue based on the Aphrodite of Thespiae is not attributed to Praxiteles though but to the sculptor Alexandros of Antioch who in around 100BC sculpted the Venus de Milo on the Greek island of Milos. The Venus de Milo has become an icon of love and beauty. The Venus statue is missing its arms but this lack of perfection only seems to heighten the enigmatic power over the viewer which has made her so famous. Praxiteles then sculpted the first known fully female nude Greek statue, the Aphrodite of Cnidus, that still influence artists today. Aphrodite is depicted standing by a vase of water preparing for the rival bath that will restore her purity. She is holding a towel in her left hand whilst her right hand covers her naked vulva which both shields her womanhood and draws attention to her nudity in a powerful way. This style of Aphrodite statue is known by academics as the “Modest Venus” or Venus Pudica and was a popular style copied later by the Romans which can be seen in the famous Venus of Medici and Capitoline Venus versions. In the Natural History by Pliny the Elder a style of Venus was described that is known as the crouching or bathing Venus or Aphrodite. This statue style is attributed to a lost Greek. Hellenistic bronze statue of the mid 3rd century BC attributed to the Greek sculptor Doldalsas of Bethynia. Aphrodite is shown crouching with her right knee close to the ground. She turns her head to the right and, in most versions, reaches her right arm over to her left shoulder to cover her breasts. She has a look of surprise on her face as if she has been disturbed whilst bathing wrapping around her body to hide her nakedness.

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