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Pictures photos images of Aslantepe Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels and museum artefacts from the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara. Aslantepe is situated west of Euphrates River, at 7 km north east of the modern city of Malatya, which was founded in 1838: Inhabited from 5000 BC until 11th Century A.C, Aslantepe is known as the city of "Melidia-Meliddu" in written Hittite sources. The first excavations were carried out in 1930 by L. Delaporte, the French archaeologist. During the excavations; two lion statues on both sides of the entrance gate and courtyard, which were decorated with low-relief on the stone, the statue of the buried King Mutallu across it, and the Late Hittite Palace were found. During the excavations made by "La Sapienza University" of Rome since 1961; a temple and numerous seals and seal imprints belonging to 3600-3500 BC. were uncovered as well as the adobe palace belonging to the years of 3300-3000 BC. The Hittite lion statue date from 1200 B.C and was excavated from the gate of the palace. His head and his front part were processed as high embossing and his body as regular embossing. The signs behind the lion and over his tail read; "Halposulupis, Mighty (?) King”. A group of Hittite orthostats depict scenes of offering drink and sacrifice. On one orthostat the god, with a symbol of divinity above, is in the chariot while holding a boomerang in his hand and a sword at his waist. The same god holds a lightning bundle in the middle. On the right, the king offers a drink to god. The inscription above reads "Great, powerful King Sulumeli". A servant stands behind holding a bull for sacrifice to the gods. In another Hittite orthostat from the same group is another scene of king's offering drink and sacrifice to the god. This time the god is on the deer, with the bow attached to his shoulder and with a triple bundle of lightning in his hand. The king looks at the god, and makes the libation to the god while carrying a sceptre with a curled end - lituus. Behind the king is a servant holding a goat for sacrifice to the god. Hieroglyphs read; "God Parata, Strong King... ".


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