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Pictures, images & photos of ancient Assyrian sculpture exhibits from the Louvre Museum Paris. This picture gallery of Assyrian sculptures includes Assyrian orthostat relief sculpture panels from from Dur Sharrukin the palace of Assyrian king Sargon II at Khorsabad, 713-706 BC. The Assyrian art in this photo collection is assertive in intent and is designed to intimidate the viewer by promoting the wealth and victories of Assyrian king Sargon II. The panels would have lined the walls of the palace of Dur Sharrukin and after passing lines of figures paying tribute to Sargon II, visitors would have been left in no doubt of the prowess of the Assyrian king. The Assyrian relief panels from Dur Sharrukin also depict winged genies thought to be Assyrian Gods who appear to be springing water from a bucket they are carrying. Images from this Louvre Assyrian photo collection show the spectacular massive winged bulls that stood on either side of the doors of all the palace entrances. As with the panels the winged bulls would have originally been painted adding even more power to the Assyrian art. The Louvre Museum Paris is one of the foremost historical museums in the world. The Louvre houses important unique collections from all around the world as well as major collections of antiquaries and artefacts from antiquity. The Assyrian Nimrud collection at the British museum is an important source of learning for academics and enthusiasts of ancient world.Pictures and images of the Assyrian sculpture exhibits of the Louvre can be bought on line as Buy as high resolution royalty free stock photos to download on line as photo art prints. Non editorial right must be obtained from the Louvre Paris.

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