BY THE SEA - Colour Landscape & People Reportage Photos by Photographer Paul E Williams { 177 images } Created 31 May 2022

By The Sea a colour series of seaside people reportage and landscape art photos exploring mans endless fascination with the sea. By The Sea takes a candid look at beach holidays and picturesque seaside towns in a series of contemporary art photos.

The sea has played a crucial role in Mankind's history. It has acted as a defensive barrier as well as the preferred way to travel and transport goods, that is until the internal combustion engine was invented.

The sea, and its inherent dangers, loom large in mankind's mythology. The great "road" stories of the Greeks often invalided voyages to far off exotic lands. The sea has the unique qualities of being loved, hated and feared at the same time.

For modern man the most popular holiday destination is the seaside where tourists perform the modern ritual of seeing who can burn themselves the brownest. The seaside has the unique qualities of seducing people into having fun and forgetting their troubles. Everyday rules of dress are forgotten by the sea and many throw of the rules of undress too. Caution is thrown to the wind by the sea and everyone is compelled to become a child and splash about in the sea or play games on the beach.

This series explores people and the places that have developed by the sea in Europe.

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