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Balti is a style of cooking one particular curry and the word balti can be literally means “bucket" or “Balti Bowl” which refers to the style of pan used to cook or serve Balti in. In Pakistani cooking a spicy dish cooked in a small two-handled pan known as a karahi.

Balti possibly originated in an area of northern Pakistan known as Baltistan. A balti pan is basically a karahi which is shaped like a Chinese wok but with 2 small round handles on either side of the pan. In Balti restaurants the balti is a complete meal with both meat and vegetables. Traditionally pieces of naan bread are used to scoop the Balti straight from the karah.

The Indian restaurants in Birmingham, England, claim to have invented the westernised Balti. It is the balti is more like a stir-fried curry containing plenty of fried green peppers and fresh coriander. Balti curries stated to be sold in the Birmingham restaurants the mid-1970s. The city's large Pakistani and Kashmiri population who live in a multi-cultural area known as The Balti Triangle. The tradition of cooking Balti curries grew and today Birmingham, has over 100 restaurants specialising in cooking Balti curries. The style soon spread throughout British Indian restaurants. Today Balti dishes are found on a mixed Indian and Balti menus throughout Britain.

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