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(updated 2021)
Pictures, photos, images of the Roman Mosaics of the Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia. The greatest museum collection of Roman mosaics can be found in the Bardo museum in Tunis and pictures and images can be seen in this photo gallery. Virtually the whole museum is dedicated to an incredible collection of Mosaics from the great Roman cities of the Roman Province of Africa Proconsularis. Africa Proconsularis was one of the most important wheat producing areas of the Roman Empire. Great cities were built from the wealth generated from wheat, olive oil and wine production. The floors of the great public buildings such as the baths and the great villas were decorated with sumptuous mosaics. The North African Roman mosaic makers reached such a high standard in mosaic making that their services were in demand by the wealthy all across the Roman Empire. The incredible preservation of Roman mosaics can be seen in this picture and image gallery. The subject matter of the Roman mosaics at the Bardo museum are typical of mosaics from all parts of the Roman Empire. They range from incredibly intricate geometric patterns to massive tableau depicting scenes from ancient mythology. The scale of the mosaics at the Bardo is impressive, whole walls are covered with massive mosaic panels some of which are 2 storeys high and can be viewed from two levels. The Bardo museum also has rare early Christian Roman mosaics from the churches of the region. Download pictures and images of the Bardo Museum Roman mosaics as stock photos or buy as photo art wall art on line.

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