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Pictures of the artefacts & antiquities of the Borghese Collection in the Louvre Paris.

The Borghese family was an extremely influential Italian family producing Cardinal snd Popes. Scipione Borghese 1577 – 1633 was the nephew of Pope Paul V and became a Cardinal and an avid collector of antiquities.

When he built the Villa Borghese in Rome its garden was decorated with classical sculptures and its interior with great artworks.

The Villa Borghese still houses a major part of the Borghese collection but in 1807, due to financial difficulties and pressure from his new brother-in-law Napoleon Bonaparte, Camillo Filippo Ludovico Borghese sold 344 antiquities. 154 statues and 160 busts and 170 bas-reliefs from the collection to the French state at below their market price which now part of the Louvre Museum Classical statue collection.

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