By The Sea - Piran People Reportage Photos by Photographer Paul E Williams { 86 images } Created 20 May 2022

By The Sea Piran is a series of reportage and landscape art photos by photographer Paul E Williams. The photos in this collection explore the picturesque Slovenian seaside town and people enjoying its beautiful Venetian architecture.

When the Balkans war broke out Slovenja managed to keep out of it. The outcome though is that Slovenja only has a few miles of Adriatic coast under its control. The flagship city is the old Venetian port of Piran. The Slovenian coastline has no beaches so when tourists visit Piran to sunbathe they have to use the pathways that run around the town or the sea defence rocks. This makes Piran unusual with sunbathers basking in the sun lying on towels on the pavement.

In August 2006 I spent a week there with actors Mari Törőcsik and her daughter as a break from Budapest where I lived at the time.

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