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For many people the day only starts when a strong small espresso coffee has been downed in one gulp at their favourite coffee house. The daily ritual of morning and afternoon coffee has become big business throughout the world and the bewildering array of coffee drinks for sale in coffee houses can make the brain spin.

The coffee bean in its raw form is grey and comes from a red cherry like fruit. The bean has no flavour and requires heat to transform its carbohydrates and fats into aromatic essential oils. It then needs to be ground and brewed in boiling water to make coffee. This process was discovered in the Yemen and northern Ethiopia where the coffee tree is a native shrub.

Today you can buy a bewildering variety of coffee drinks. From Espresso to Cafe Latte the variations seem to be endless and we all have our favorite. Italians still believe there is only one true coffee and that is the single shot espresso.

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