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Cres Island pictures and photos of Krk. Images and fotos of Cres old town and pictures the Labyrinths of ancient Tramutana forest.

Cres is one of Croatia’s most northern Islands and has a localized climate. Unlike the Croatian Island further south Cres is at the southern limits of where deciduous grow so is has dense wild broad leaf ancient Tramutana forest. Near Beli ancient tracks still run through the forest between broken down dry stone walls. That lead to deserted stone farm houses deep in the forest or to a clearing which has a stone labyrinth laid out in it. Seven labyrinths have been laid out in the forest by the Eco centre of Beli and they all follow ancient designs from well known labyrinths around the world. You can spend a pleasant half an hour following the stones of a labyrinth to its centre as medieval pilgrims used to do in the great gothic churches.

The Eco centre at Bali is a Griffin sanctuary where injured Griffons are nursed back to full health. The Griffon vultures on Cres are the only ones that roost by the sea anywhere in the world, possibly a legacy of when the sea level was much lower, as far back as 9000 years. So when young vultures are fledging, making that all important first flight, they often hit the sea if they make any mistakes. They can sometimes make their way back to the beach, but that is as far as they can get so if they don't drown, they usually die on the beach. The vultures feed almost exclusively on the carcasses of dead sheep, and the local shepherds are happy to have the carcasses removed by the birds. However as sheep farming wains on the islands, and there are fewer sheep, the vultures are struggling for a food source. The Eco centre is now the only major protector of the Cres Griffon.

Cres town is a picturesque fishing town with its habour full of colourful fishing boats in its main square. There are few buildings of importance here but the laid back ambience of the Town makes it a perfect destination for a laid back break.

Most os Cres Island is still very wild and at its centre is a deep volcano crater that is flooded forming an inland lake. Small stone villages are dotted across the island and very little has changed on Cres for hundreds of years.

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