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Pictures images photos of Dalyan & Kaunos Archaeological Site, Turkey. Dalyan is situated inland from the Aegean Sea on a river that runs through reed marshes from the inland lake & sanctuary of Koycegiz. The Dalyan Delta has a spit of sand running across it known as Iztuzu Beach which is a famous breeding ground of the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. In 1988 the beach was designated a Special Environment Protection area after plans were announced to build luxury Hotel on the beach. Behind the beach is a Delta lagoon where the young Loggerhead Turtles first go for protection waiting for a high tide to escape to the open sea. Reed beds make up a classic Delta which leads via the River Dalyan past the tourist town of Dalyan & the Archaeological site of Kaunos to the inland Köyce?iz (Koycegiz) lake. The lake is a mixture of Sea & fresh water at different depths giving it an unusual diversity of wild life. Bass, Mullet and Sea Bream come to the lake to spawn and are caught in nets known as "Dalyan's". A fish lunch can be eat by tourists & locals in the restaurants that line the reed banks, many only accessible by boat. The symbol of Dalyan are the Lycian style rock tombs carved out of the cliffs opposite the town. These 4th -2nd cent. B.C tombs have the front of Hellenistic Ionic order temples. They are on the edge of a large ruined city known as Kaunos. The extensive ruins have a big amphitheatre that would have sat 5000 people and temple ruins that sit on the side of a picturesque silted up harbour. Buy as high resolution stock royalty free images of travel images to download on line or buy as photo art prints.

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