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Pictures photos & images from Delphi ancient greek antiquities of the Delphi Archaeological museum. The Ancient Greek Bronze of the Charioteer of Delphi, also known as Heniokhos (the rein-holder), is one of the best-known statues surviving from Ancient Greece, and is considered one of the finest examples of ancient bronze statues. The life-size statue of a chariot driver was found in 1896 at the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi. The statue was erected at Delphi in 474 BC, to commemorate the victory of a chariot team in the Pythian Games. Stylistically, the Charioteer is classed as "Early Classical" or "Severe" Kleobis (Cleobis) and Biton, also known as the kouros are the names of two human brothers in Greek mythology, are a pair of lifesize Archaic Greek statues that date from about 580 BC. In Greek mythology, Kleobis and Biton were the sons of Cydippe, a priestess of Hera. Cydippe was travelling from Argos to a festival in honor of Argive Hera and the oxen which were to pull her cart did not turn up. Kleobis and Biton pulled the cart the entire way ( 8.3 km/5.1 miles). Cydippe was so impressed with their devotion to her that she prayed to Hera asking her to give her children the best gift a god could give to a mortal. Hera ordained that the brothers would die in their sleep, and after the feast the youths lay down in the temple of Hera, slept and never woke. All of the Hellanistic states showered gifts on Delphi in the hope that this would give them access to the oracle. The processional way up to the Temple of Apollo, where the Oracle sat, was lined with treasuries from the various Greek states. The Sphinx, in the museum, was donated by the island of Naxos and their are friezes from the treasury of Sifnos.

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