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Paul Williams pictures & images of Dur Sharrukin Ancient Assyrian relief stone panels and Bull statues. The Ancient Assyrian Fortress of Sargon, known as Dur Sharrukin present day Khorsabad, was the Assyrian capital in the time of Sargon II of Assyria and is situated in present day Iraq. The Assyrian relief sculptures from Dur Sharrukin in this picture gallery come from the palace of Assyrian king Sargon II dating from 713-706 BC. The Assyrian art also includes giant sculptures from Gate 3 of the palace as well as Assyrian relief sculptures from the throne room of the palace. Dur-Sharrukin town had a rectangular layout and measured 1758.6 by 1635 metres. Its city walls, 24 meters thick, had 157 towers and seven massive gates. The palace was adorned with sculptures and wall reliefs, and the gates were flanked with winged-bull statues weighing up to 40 tons. The site was excavated by Botta in 1842-44 and a significant number of the items recovered by the French which were sadly lost in two river shipping accidents. The few artefacts that Survived from this excavation were taken to the Louvre in Paris. A colossal bull estimated to weigh 40 tons was uncovered outside the throne room. It was found split into three large fragments. The torso alone weighed about 20 tons and was shipped to Chicago Museum. Download Paul Williams pictures & images of Dur Sharrukin Ancient Assyrian relief stone panels and sculptures or buy as photo art prints.

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