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Pictures, images, photos of the Florence Baptistery, also known as the Baptistery of Saint John (Battistero di San Giovanni), is an octagonal baptistery that stands in the Piazza del Duomo, Florence.The Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings in the city, constructed between 1059 and 1128 in the Florentine Romanesque style.The octagon had been a common shape for baptisteries for many centuries since early Christian times. Other early examples are the Lateran Baptistery (440) that provided a model for others throughout Italy, the Church of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus (527–536) in Constantinople and the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna (548). The whole of the roof is covered with Byzantine style mosaic. Typical of the style religious scenes from the Bible and New Testament are set against a solid gold background. Over the altar Christ is depicted Pantocrator. Unlike the Byzantine Eastern Orthodox depictions of Christ Pantocrator, Christ holds his hands out instead of in the position of an Orthodox blessing.

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