English Surfaces - Lymington No 3 - Photo Art Print Series by Photographer Paul E Williams { 3 images } Created 25 Nov 2022

English Surfaces - Lymington No 3 , A series of reportage photos exploring what makes England English in the 21st century, especially now England had become a fortress post Brexit Island. The series of photos searches England for the reasons 36% of its population voted in 2016 to leave the second largest trading block in the world in favour of isolation.

“As an English communist who considers himself to be a European and Internationalist ahead of being English, I am aware of the damage nationalism has caused throughout world history and its continuing destabilising power today. With this in mind I decided to take a look at England and try to see why 36% voted to leave Europe in 2016, and try to discover what is so special about England that the English have erected a wall around their Island. I have had a long successful career as a photographer and film maker with many assignments in in Europe and beyond. I lived in Barcelona, Budapest and Paris which today, with the post Brexit rules would be impossible. I am now reduced to being a prisoner in the UK who can only spend 90 days in Europe. This is a gross infringement of my liberties and I resent the fact that a 36% minority of bigoted inward looking people have stopped the open discourse and working relationship I enjoyed with my European comrades. This gross infringement needs to be reversed now and is a travesty of what is wrongly termed democracy ”. Paul E Williams
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