English Surfaces - Lymington No 53 - Photo Art Print Series by Photographer Paul E Williams { 3 images } Created 26 Nov 2022

English Surfaces - Lymington No 53 , A series of reportage photos exploring what makes England English in the 21st century, especially now England had become a fortress post Brexit Island. The series of photos searches England for the reasons 36% of its population voted in 2016 to leave the second largest trading block in the world in favour of isolation.

“As an English communist I consider myself to be a European and Internationalist ahead of being English. Communism stands for a unity of world workers ahead of nationalism. The damage nationalism has caused throughout world history and its continuing destabilising power has resulted only in misery, poverty, war and advantages only the Elites.

With this in mind I decided to take a look at England and try to see why 36% voted to leave Europe in 2016, and try to discover what is so special about England that the English have erected a wall around their Island. I hope you enjoy what I found”. Paul E Williams
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