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Pictures Images photos of the Farnese collection Roman Statues of Naples archaeological Museum, Italy. Naples National Archaeological Museum is one of the greatest museums in the world. It houses the great collections of artefacts excavated from Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as the incredible Farnese Collection is one of the best collections of artefacts from Greco-Roman Antiquity.The Farnese collection of Roman antiquities were collected by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who became Pope Paul III from 1543 - 1549. The Renaissance revived an interest in Classical Antiquity which led to excavation of the Forum in Rome that had not been built over since the decline of the Western Roman Empire. Incredible sculptures were saved such as the Farnese Bull. Excavated from the Baths of Caracalla the Farnese Bull is the largest single sculpture from Antiquity. Originally housed in the gardens of the Villa Farnese in Rome, Michelangelo planned to use it as the centre piece of a fountain in the gardens. The Farnese Hercules is a Roman copy of an original Greek sculpture credited to Lysippos. This colossal statue depicts an exhausted Hercules leaning on his club with the skin of a Lion drape d over it. Hercules hand is behind his back and in it is an apple referring to the Apple of Hesperides. Elizabeth Farnese became the wife of Phillip V of Spain's and their son Charles of Bourbon became King of Naples and The Two Scillies in 1734 also inheriting the declining tile of Duke of Parma. His son Ferdinand iV of Naples brought the Farnese Collection to Naples in 1787. Download pictures & images of the Farnese Exhibits of the Naples National Archaeological Museum or buy as photo wall art on line. For editorial use only. To use in product advertising please apply to The Naples National Archaeological Museum for permission.

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Museum Home Page http://www.museoarcheologiconapoli.it/en/history-of-the-museum/
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