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Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi that grow in the wild or are cultivated. The mushroom is the visible part of an organism that is composed of hair like mycelium. Mushrooms are either saprophytes that decompose organic material such as cellulose and lignin in dead or dying trees or they are mycorrhizal fungi that live symbiotically with trees, usually on their roots, providing water to the tree in return for sugars from the tree. Most of the best known edible mushrooms are saprophytes such as button mushrooms, portobello, oyster, shiitake and maitake all of which are grown commercially. Mushrooms like Chanterelle and morels are mycorrhizal fungi and are nearly impossible to grow commercially, unless a forest is spawned, so are collected from the wild and are therefore highly prized with gourmets.

Archaeologists have found mushroom remains in sites 13,000 years old so man has been consuming mushrooms since ancient times. The types of mushrooms discovered by archaeologists were not just for culinary use but also had medicinal properties suggesting that pre-historic man knew of mushrooms healing and probably hallucinogenic properties. Mushrooms play a big part in mans mythical history probably due to their medicinal properties.

Mushrooms are a valuable food today supplying vitamins and anti oxidants that other foods cannot. The Oyster mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms world wide being eaten raw as being an important oriental ingredient in stir fries and other oriental dishes. The gourmets of Europe value highly wild morels, ceps and chanterelle which are delicious sautéed or in omelettes but take on another dimension in pasta dishes and risottos.

Mushrooms and extraordinarily versatile and recipes from soups to casseroles benefit from the subtle flavours of the many varieties of edible mushrooms. On a cold winters day mushroom soup with fresh crusty bread is a wonderful recipe and button mushrooms in a casserole are a real treat. It is hard to beat the powerful flavour of ceps though which can be enjoyed all year round dried. Cep powder can be added to mushroom stocks to make amazing pasta sauces or to give a kick to stocks for risotto or meat dishes.

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