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The Oyster mushroom is one of the most eaten mushroom in the world being the number one in China. It is hardly surprising then that the Oyster mushroom is an important ingredient to be found in many Oriental and Chinese recipes.

The Oyster mushroom comes from a large and varied species of fungus that produces mushrooms in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The biggest is the King Oyster mushroom also know as the king trumpet mushroom, French horn mushroom, or king brown mushroom. It has a stem that is as wide as its cap which is firm and fleshy allowing the King Oyster mushroom to be sliced into scallops or thick strips that can be sautéed. Shredded the King oyster can be added to stir fries.

More commonly the Oyster mushrooms are the shape of Oyster shells and grow in a variety of colours from grey to yellow and pink. The Oyster mushroom has a delicate flavour and cooks quickly so it is best added to recipes like stir fries late in the cooking process.

The delicate flavour of Oyster mushrooms is also suited to simple recipes such as sautéed in butter with herbs and served on toast. Sautéed mushrooms can also be added to omelettes or served with scrambled eggs.

The oyster sautéed Oyster mushroom can also enhance pasta dishes as well as risottos.

The Oyster mushroom is a versatile mushroom that is a great ingredient for many recipes.

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