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Pied Bleu mushrooms are distinctive due to their blue stems which fade as the mushroom ages. Also know as the Blewit of Blue Foot mushroom it can be found growing in old field pastures.

Pied Bleu Mushrooms should not be eaten raw as this can lead to indigestion. As with all wild mushrooms they are delicious sautéed in butter and served with pasta or added to a a risotto. Their first texture make Pied Bleu mushrooms a perfect ingredient to omelettes and can also be added to casseroles or even roasted. The firm pungent flavour of the Blewit mushroom means that it can be used as a substitute for meat.

The Blue Foot mushroom is high in thiamine and vitamin B1 which is good for the nervous system and for regulating blood sugar levels.

The Pied Blue has a short growing season in the autumn making it a rare delicacy.

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