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The edible fruiting bodies of some fungus produce edible mushrooms. There are an incredible number of wild fungi that produce mushrooms most of which are harmless when eaten, some of which though can be fatal or produce hallucinations, nausea and disorientation when consumed. Collecting wild mushrooms is therefore a skill that was commonly known to our ancestors but has largely been lost to modern man who can only safely but wild mushrooms from a reputable source.

Wild mushrooms are though one of the great seasonal foods which are still highly prized by chefs and food lovers. In Italy and throughout eastern Europe the cep season in autumn is a time of celebration with village festivals based on the consumption of freshly picked ceps. In Italy the cep, or porcini, is cooked in traditional risotto and pasta dishes.

France made the Chanterelle or Girolle a wild mushroom that became part of its cuisine being much prized by the nobility from the 16th century onwards. The known consumption of edible mushrooms dates back to neolithic times with remains of mushrooms being found in an archaeological site 13,000 years old in Chile. The ancient Chinese Empires prized wild mushrooms for their medicinal properties as well as for their culinary delights. The nobility of the Ancient Greeks, and therefore the Ancient Romans, were great lovers of wild mushrooms but realising the potential danger of consuming look alike poisonous mushrooms, the Roman nobles employed food tasters to check if their meal was poisonous.

As many mushrooms are easily dried in the roofs of smoky tents and crofts, wild mushrooms were a good source of food and vitamins through the winter. The health giving properties of edible mushrooms were learnt over the millennia and wild mushrooms became part of folk lore medicines. Many of the mushrooms found on ancient archaeological sites have now been studied and have been found to have both healing properties as well as being powerful immune system boosters.

Today the wild mushroom is fading from western seasonal eating traditions and is being replaced by cultivated mushrooms. The wild mushroom is now considered a delicacy and its prices mean that it is a delicacy for the well off. This is a great shame as wild mushrooms make wonderful meals when simply sautéed in butter and served with fresh home made bread or added to an omelette.

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