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Pictures images and photos of Hattian antiquities including the gold treasure from the Royal Tombs of Alaca Hoyuk. The Hattians were an ancient Bronze Age people, that inhabited the land of Hatti, in central Anatolia (modern Turkey). They spoke a distinctive Hattian language, that was neither Semitic nor Indo-European. The Hattians built their initial settlement on the high ridge of Büyükkale which they called Hattush (Hattusa). In the 19th and 18th centuries BC, merchants from Assur in Assyria established a trading post there, setting up in their own separate quarter of the city. From here settlements were built at nearly Alacahöyük. Thirteen shaft-grave "Royal Tombs" (c. 2350–2150 BC) in contained the dead in fetal position facing south. They were richly adorned with gold fibulae, diadems, and belt buckles and repoussé gold-leaf figures. Many of the artefacts discovered at Alacahöyük, including magnificent Hattian gold and bronze objects found in the Royal Tombs, are housed today in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Among these artefacts are gold and electrum standing cups and other vessels. The most unusual are the Alaca Höyük bronze standards; bulls or stags on pedestals whose purpose remains the subject of debate. The standards are cast in copper, many in the form of flat circles, half-circles or squares that are filled with an openwork network of cross bars, central crosses, and swastikas. Many of these can be seen in this photo gallery. The Hittite period that followed the Hatti, from the fourteenth century BC. Browse Hattian antiquities or download as royalty free photos for buy as photo art prints on line.

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