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Hungarian Animals pictures, photos. Images of Gre Cattle, Magalicsa (mangalitza) pigs to buy on line as stock photos or photo art prints. Mangalitsa (US spelling), Mangalitza (UK spelling) or Mangalica (original Hungarian spelling) is a name for three breeds of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans known also as a curly-hair hog. It belongs to European unimproved lard-type breeds (as well as Iberian Black and Alentejana pigs) that are descended directly from wild boar populations. The Mangalitsa pig is unusual as it grows a hairy 'fleece', akin to that of a sheep.

Hungarian Grey Cattle or Hungarian Steppe Cattle (in Hungarian: Magyar szürke szarvasmarha) are an old beef cattle breed from Hungary. The breed belongs to the group of Podolic cattle and is very well adapted to extensive pasture systems. It originates from the Hungarian lowlands.

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