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Pictures images and photos of Minoan painted frescoes. Several frescoes have been found, on Crete normally in partial fragments which require a good deal of reconstruction; sometimes only 5% of a reconstructed section is original. These Minoan frescoes were probably inspired by Syrian or Egyptian examples, the former perhaps more likely. Minoan frescoes that have survived include many depictions of people, with the sexes distinguished by a "violent contrast" of colour that is more extreme than the equivalent in Egypt; the men's skin is reddish-brown, and the women's white. Probably the most famous Minoan fresco is the bull-leaping fresco. Other well-known Minoan sections are the female fragment known as La Parisienne (from the "Camp Stool Fresco"), and the Prince of the Lilies (mostly restored), both from Knossos, and the Minoan Akrotiri Boxer Fresco, but there are many others, both from Crete itself and related Aegean sites. With a very few hints of modelling, the Minoan frescos normally use "flat" colour—pure colours with no shading, blending or attempt to represent form within coloured areas. Many Minoan wall paintings formed friezes set at eye level and some 70–80 cm high above a dado, with several painted parallel stripes above and below the images to frame them. Minoan fresco designs usually include at least large areas of plain colour as background. More complicated scenes often have the main figures and some surroundings at the edge of picture painted, with plain areas in between. In early Minoan paintings a red that was the usual colour for plain painted walls was used, sometimes with white (more common in Akrotiri), but later Egyptian blue became a popular background, until the latest periods.

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