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Images, pictures & photos of Lanyon Quoit is a megalithic burial dolmen from the Neolithic period, circa 4000 to 3000 BC, near Morvah on the Penwith peninsula, Cornwall, England. Lanyon Quoit is the remains of a megalithic burial chamber or dolmen. Its 5.5 meter (16ft) capstone stands on 3 upright stones, or orthostats, 1.5 meters (5ft) high. Originally Lanyon Quoit was at he north end of a long barrow 26 metres (76ft) long and 12 metres (36ft) wide. The barrow would have been covered with earth and would have had an entrance. Such Neolithic burial mounds are also known as also known as a portal tombs or portal graves. Quite often these burial chambers were for communal burials and may have been used as part of ancestor worship cults that were believed to have been part of Neolithic cultures.

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