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Images, pictures & photos of Wells Cathedral built in the Early English Gothic style in 1175, Wells Somerset, England, UK. Built between 1175 and 1490, Wells Cathedral is one of the most complete early Gothic Cathedrals in England. Very little of the earlier Norman Romanesque or Saxon church remain which is unusual of ecclesiastical buildings of English Gothic buildings. The beautiful Gothic stonework has pointed arcades and fluted piers which are topped with carved capitals in a richly foliated ‘stiff leaf’ style. The interior has the soaring height of the Gothic style which is lit by richly decorated stained glass windows. In most English cathedrals the stained glass was destroyed during the reformation of by the Puritans after the English Civil War. Wells is fortunate to have a rare English collection of ancient stained glass in its eastern end.
The facade of Wells cathedral was built with niches to hold over 300 hundred sculptures. This reflects the Gothic style of the Early French Cathedrals like Amiens where the facade is covered in statues. Many of the statues at Wells have survived or have been restored. Originally they would have been painted and the whole of the facade would have been a riot of colour and gold that would probably be seen as kitch to modern eyes. Wells Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells and is situated at the centre of ecclesiastical buildings that include the walled medieval Bishops Place and gardens. The lawned close that runs in front of Wells Cathedral is still surrounded by historic buildings making it one of the most complete original set of classical buildings in England. The astronomical clock , 1386 and 1392, in the north transept of Wells Cathedral is one of the oldest working clocks in the world, although its original mechanism is nowadays to be found working in the Sciene Museum in London. The clock is one of a group of famous 14th to 16th century astronomical clocks to be found in the West of England but is unique in showing a philosophical model of the pre-Copernican universe. The dial represents the geocentric view of the universe, with sun and moon revolving round a central fixed earth.

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