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Pictures images photos of the mill of Infersa and the salt pans of the Saline della Laguna, Ettore saltworks, Masala Sicily The wind mill of Infersa at the Ettore saltworks, dates back to the sixteenth century. The Dutch type wind mill is among the largest of the entire area of ​​the salt marshes between Trapani and Marsala. The overall height of the tower is nearly thirteen meters. The millstones in the centre of the tower are made of local limestone, assembled in segments and held together by an iron hoop: they rotate in the wind and grind salt. The wind mill of Infersa is a real jewel of industrial archeology of the of 1500s, whose history is deeply linked with that of the surrounding salt marshes. Driven by the wind the wooden gears, which the salt will not corrode, drive of the mill stones of Infersa up to one hundred fifty revolutions per minute. Restored to its original 1500s design by Paolo Stampa, one of the last master carpenters of Trapani, the blades of the wind mill turn at a speed of 15/20 revolutions per minute, developing a power of over 100 horsepower with its maximum sheeting of 60 square meters. Smaller windmills around the Salt pans at Ettore were used to put sea water into the pans and move water from one pan to another as the water evaporated. In this way the salinity of the water in the pans increased as the evaporated water was moved into a final pan where the salt crystallised. The mill of Infersa and the salt pans still produce salt today and the mill of Infersa museum gives full information on the history of the Masala salt pans.

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