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Pictures & Images of Jesus Christ. One of the great world iconic symbols is Jesus Christ Pantocrator, "The Almighty" or "All-powerful". Christianity is the only one of the 3 faiths of "The Book", the others being Islam & Judaism, that allows the depiction of religious figures to be venerated. Even within Christianity the practice of allowing Icons ( Greek for "image") differs between the Christian Sects. Jews forbid Iconography under the commandment "Thou shalt not worship false idols" & Muslims forbid the worship of icons also. Christian Eastern Orthodoxy after much debate and schisms allows Icons but dooes not allow three diminutional representations of religious figure. This can be seen in the flat painted crosses of the Orthodox Church and the rigid rules in Orthodox Icons that create more symbolic images that the humanist Christian Images of the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholicism allows statues & images of religious figures but this is not allowed by more puritan christians.

The depiction of Jesus Christ is not therefore to be found in all churches but one of the most powerful is Jesus Christ Pantocrator which has come to suggest Jesus Christ as a mild but stern, all-powerful judge of humanity. The icon of Jesus Christ Pantokrator is one of the most widely used religious images of Orthodox Christianity. Generally speaking, in Byzantine church art and architecture, an iconic mosaic or fresco of Jesus Christ Pantokrator occupies the space in the central dome of the church, in the half-dome of the apse or on the nave vault. Jesus Christ is always making the Orthodox blessing with his right hand with his thumb touching his second finger making the symbolic shape of I C & X C which in Greek spell "Jesus Christ".

Roman Catholic representations depict Jesus Christ as man. This is due to another Schism between the Churches that argue about whether Jesus Christ is of the same substance as God or if he was created by God and is human as well as divine.
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