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Kaposvar Hungary pictures, photos. Images of the historic Hungarian town of Kaposvar to buy on line as stock photos ot photo art prints. Kaposvár is the capital of the county of Somogy in Hungary. It lies 186 km (116 mi) south-west of Budapest, on both sides of the Kapos River. According to legend, the city was founded on seven hills (like Rome). The area had already been inhabited by 5000 BCE. From around 400 BCE, Celtic tribes inhabited the area.
The city was identified as "Kapos" in the founding document of the Episcopate of Pécs in 1009. The rectangular motte castle was reconstructed as a stone castle in the 15th century. The castle was destroyed in 1702 at the order of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor.
The Ottomans occupied the city after a five-day siege in 1555, and stayed for 131 years. The city and area were freed from Ottoman rule in 1686.

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